LUI Che Woo Prize – Prize for World Civilisation Laureate Public Lecture by
Mr Xie Zhenhua, LUI Che Woo Prize 2017 Sustainability Prize Laureate on “Steadfast Confidence, Active Promotion of Global Climate Governance”
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4 October 2017

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

CMA Lecture Theatre, G/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park, CUHK

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Founded by Dr. LUI Che Woo in 2015, the “LUI Che Woo Prize – Prize for World Civilisation” (“the LUI Che Woo Prize”) is an annual, first of its kind, international, cross-sector and innovative award for advancing world civilisation and inspiring people to build a more harmonious world.

The LUI Che Woo Prize aims to recognise and honour individuals or organisations all over the world with outstanding achievements and contributions in respect of the following three objectives:

  • Sustainable development of the world (Sustainability Prize)

  • Betterment of the welfare of mankind (Welfare Betterment Prize)

  • Promotion of positive life attitude and enhancement of positive energy (Positive Energy Prize)

The lecture includes a forum session led by Mr Xie Zhenhua and moderated by Prof. Lau Ngar-Cheung Gabriel, Director of Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability (IEES), CUHK will be held. Dr Rebecca Lee, renowned explorer and Mr. Shun Chi-ming, the Director of Hong Kong Observatory will be the honourable guests to join the forum.

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Synopsis of Lecture:
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The Lecture will be conducted in Putonghua with English simultaneous interpretation

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