Annual Education Conference on “What is Life? An Interdisciplinary Dialogue”

25 March 2017

2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

LT1, Esther Lee Building, Chung Chi College


Ms. Ruby Ko - 3943 6444/ Ms. Phoebe Wong - 3943 6498

Event Details:

To enhance the academic atmosphere on campus, guest speakers from various fields are invited to exchange ideas at the Annual Education Conference of Chung Chi College. This year, the Conference theme is “What is Life? An Interdisciplinary Dialogue”. Through interdisciplinary discussion on the nature of life, the Conference aims to inspire participants to reflect on their own definition of “life”.

Topics/ Panelists

Topic: What's Life? Order and Disorder in Physics and Biology Professor Chan Hue Sun (Siu Lien Ling Wong Visiting Fellow 2016/2017, Chung Chi College, Professor, Departments of Biochemistry, and of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto, Canada)

Topic: Evolution of Languages and Its Implications for the Life Sciences Professor Mok Ngai Ming (Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Edmund and Peggy Tse Professor in Mathematics, Chair of Mathematics, The University of Hong Kong)

Topic: The Joy of Life Professor Wong Kun Chun Eric ( Associate Director, Divinity School of Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Moderator: Professor Shaw Pang Chui (Professor, School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Language: Cantonese

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