Film as Soft Power and Hard Currency:
The Sino-Hollywood Courtship

29 March 2017

2:30 - 4:00pm

NAH313 (C-Centre)

Prof. Zhu Ying

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My talk examines two periods when Hollywood dominates the Chinese market, one during the Republican era (1912-49), one since 1994 when Hollywood returned to the Chinese market after decades of absence due to a Chinese state enacted ban in 1950. I trace Hollywood’s historical China dominance while simultaneously sketching out the evolution of Chinese cinema from its infancy under the shadow of imports to its current global economic and cultural ambition. Framing the Sino-Hollywood engagement as a case of political, cultural and economic rivalry and cooptation, I elaborate on how economic interest intersects with political posturing and how film serves as a battlefield for cultural influence as China seeks to flex its growing economic muscle to promote soft power globally.

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